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Do My Aging Parents Need Help at Home?

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While phone calls, social media and Skype are great ways to stay in touch with older loved ones, they can’t compare with an in-person visit, stepping through the front door and enveloping each other in a long hug. And in-person visits can serve the additional benefit of providing an opportunity to assess your loved one’s state of wellbeing in ways… Read More
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Successfully Age in Place: The Benefits of Home Care

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Our aging parents have spent a lifetime accumulating memories, many of which are centered around the home. Simply walking through each room can trigger smiles and shared laughter: Remember the time the dog tipped over the Christmas tree in that corner? When little Billy would slide down the bannister rather than taking the stairs? The time Aunt Margaret baked her… Read More
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The Important Differences Between Dementia and Normal Aging

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“Now, where did I put those car keys?” It’s a question many of us find ourselves asking, and as we grow older, we may wonder if memory lapses such as this might be indicative of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. It’s important to know the differences between what’s considered to be typical of growing older, and a condition… Read More